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Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  126  hwcs-110.  defum  Wide bed horizontal table type borer (chuck & tailstock   
  406  HWCP 110  Defum  Floor Type Borer   
  528  2620B (90mm)  Stanko  Table Type Borer   
  543  CWC 80  Defum (Under Licence From Skoda)  80mm horizontal borer complete with tail stock , rotary table & heavy duty face chuck   
  550  WH 63  TOS  Table Type Borer with tailstock and facechuck   
  557  bft 90/5  union wmw  Table Type Borer with facechuck & Tailstock   
  562  WH 80  Tos   Horizontal Table Type Borer Machine With Face Chuck & Tailstock   
  572  CWC 80  Defum (Under Licence From Skoda)  80mm Horizontal Borer Complete With Tail Stock , Rotary Table & Heavy Duty Face Chuck   
  590  bft 110  WMW union  Table Type Borer With Ball Screws & POWER ROTARY TABLE   
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