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Farrell Engineering

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes are rapidly replacing the older production lathes (multispindle, etc.) due to their ease of setting, operation, repeatability and accuracy. They are designed to use modern carbidetooling and fully use modern processes. The part may be designed and the tool paths programmed by the CAD/CAM process or manually by the programmer, and the resulting file uploaded to the machine, and once set and trialled the machine will continue to turn out parts under the occasional supervision of an operator.

Machines» CNC Lathes
Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  1099  1650 x 3000mm  Heid  CNC Lathe Machine Heavy Duty With Boreing Facility   
  1109  Tornado 300  Tornado   CNC Lathe   
  1110  3000  Colchester  CNC Lathe   
  1137  QT18N   Hyundai   CNC Lathe (Choice Of Three Similar Machines)   
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