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Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  1000  LS 150 (January rebuilt 2017)  Lorenz (Ex European Aerospace Company Machine)  2-Axis CNC Gear Shaping Machine and Siemens 808D Advance System   
  1012  496  Gleason  Spiral and straight Bevel Cutter Sharpener   
  1033  PH250  Churchill   Gear Hobbing Machines WITH Mitutoyo DRO   
  1037  V10B (Rack Cutting)  Sykes  Rack Cutting Machine   
  1039  UHDA10   Reinecker  Hob Relieving Lathes   
  1042  ZK5  Hurth  Gear Tooth Chamfering Machine   
  1045  SNJ 5  Lorenz   Gear Shaper Machine   
  1046  V10B  Sykes  Gear Shaper Machine   
  1049  K-300 (5 Axis with Num 1030 CNC System)  Fassler  CNC controlled Gear Power Honing machine   
  1052  FA30CNC 4-Axis CNC Gear Shaver  MITSUBISHI  CNC Gear shaver with High Accuracy    
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