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Farrell Engineering
Die Casting is an old technology wherein molten metal is poured in a mould cavity to take the desired shape. After solidification the mould is opened and base casting is retrieved along with metal feeding paths. Today, with the advent of technology, Die Casting is linked to various Engineering aspects from Metallurgy, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Liquid Gaseous Flow Analysis and so on. All these process are mapped with graphic simulation depicting absolute reality, sequence of operations in the die with respect to temperature, time, air gaps etc. This is done to ensure high quality and consistent reliability. Today all OEMs demand near net shaped casting to meet budget requirements by minimizing post casting operations.
Machines» Pressure Die Casting Machines (PDC)
Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  514  H 800B version 6   Buhler  Horizontal Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machine    
  538  6000KG  Civardi  Bulk Melting Furnace --gas fired tilting type    
  695  H 250 D2P  buhler  pressure die casting machines   
  1068  H 400 D2   Buhler   Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine    
  1077  PFO 140   Colosio  Cold Chamber Horizontal Die Cast Machine   
  1156  H 250 D2  Buhler  pressure die casting machines   
  1172  H 400 D2  Buhler  Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine   
  1186  H1100B  Buhler  Pressure Die Casting Machine    
  1187  UBE 1650   UBE  Pressure Die Casting Machine   
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