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Machine Id : 857
Model : PH 100
Make : Maag
Year : 1990
Dimensions :
Power :
Location : Mumbai Warehouse,India
Category : Gear Testers
Serial No :
Country : Switzerland
Type of Machine : Universal LEAD AND INVOLUTE TESTER
Weight : 0.0
Asking Price : onrequest
Specification :


Technical Data

Min Tooth Size     Module  0.5
       DP   50
Max Tooth Size     Module  20
       DP   1.25
Min/Max Adjustable Base Circle Diameter     200/1000mm
Max Generating Path w/Max Base Circle     600mm
Max Tip Circle Diameter    A   1050mm
Max Pinion Length (using vertical support)  H   830mm
Min Pinion Length (using vertical support)
 a) Standard Model       290mm
 b) Special Model (w/special vertical support)   100mm
Min/Max Shaft Diameter for Steady   L   100/200mm
Diameter of Standard Work Table   d   350mm
Diameter of Large Work Table (special model) D   750mm
Adjustability of Pick-Up Slide   V   350mm
Max Facewidth     b
 At Helix Angle of 0 Deg       260mm
 At Helix Angel of 60 Deg       130mm
Total Scanning Height    M   678mm
Error Magnification of Recorder Unit With:

Read-Off Accuracy for Base Circle      0.001mm
Read-Off Accuracy for Helix Angle      1 sec.
Max Permissible Weight of Gear       1000kg
Mains Rating         400 VA
Overall Length of Machine       2470mm
Overall Width of Machine       1640mm
Overall Height of Machine w/Vertical Support    2300mm
Weight of Machine        2500kg

Description :
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