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Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  196  pwf 300  klingenberg  gear hob tester   
  202  si-8-750  demm  gear shaper   
  217  vg-450  carl zeiss  gear tester   
  223  sp 60  maag  gear tester / lead & involute measuringwithout base circle disc   
  233  7 hd (choice of new machines)  lees bradner  rigid gear hobber (choice of two machines)   
  234  as 203  kapp  gear hob sharpner / grinder   
  243  gear shaver (horizontal) 320mm x 8module  sykes  horizontal gear shaver   
  257  5k32 (max 800mm ) choice of three machines  Stanko  gear hobber universal   
  264  t 567  michigan  gear shaver cutter grinder (choice of two machines with full set of indexing plates)   
  265  dh a015  mico collet  gear shaper cutter grinder   
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