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Machines» Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) All Types Conventional & Cnc
Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  605  1720 1L  GRAFFENSTADEN  vertical turning lathe (2500mm)   
  628  1E512PF2  Sedin  CNC VTL Double Head   
  716  KNA 1100 CNC  Defum  2 axis cnc vtl machine    
  977  SKJ12A  TOS HULIN   Vertical Turning Lathe Machine   
  1055  TK 2  TAKISAWA  Vertical CNC Lathe with Fanuc OT Controller   
  1059  SKJ 25/50   CKD Blansko  Vertical Turning Lathe Machine   
  1060  1540T  Kolomna   Vertical Turning Lathe Machine    
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