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Machines» Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) All Types Conventional & Cnc
Product Product No Model Make Type Of Details
  605  1720 1L  GRAFFENSTADEN  vertical turning lathe (2500mm)   
  628  1E512PF2  Sedin  Three AXIS CNC VTL   
  977  SKJ12A  TOS HULIN   Vertical Turning Lathe Machine   
  1055  TK 2  TAKISAWA  Vertical CNC Lathe with Fanuc OT Controller   
  1059  SKJ 25/50   CKD Blansko  Vertical Turning Lathe Machine   
  1060  1540T  Kolomna   Vertical Turning Lathe Machine    
  1121  VSC500  EMAG  CNC vertical turning machine with an inverted work spindle that traveled the main axes   
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