Wide bed horizontal borer.
Heavy Duty Borer.

Machine Id: 126 Serial No:
Model: hwcs-110. Asking Price: onrequest
Make: defum Country: Poland
Year: Weight: 18000.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai WareHouse, India
Category: Borers All Types
Type of Machine: Wide bed horizontal table type borer (chuck & tailstock

The Machine is Complete With Face Chuck & Tailstock & English Manuals

X:-3000mm (Wide bed horizontal borer)

Y:-2300mm (Beutiful Height)

Z:-3000mm (Distance From face Chuck to Tailstock)

Spindle diameter            110mm

Taper in the spindle            iso 50

Chuck Dia   750mm

Max distance of face plate from support 3000mm

Number of spindle speeds 18 & Feeds:-100.

Number of head stock and table cross feeds  20

Rotary table Working surface            

 1600mm x 1400mm


The drilling, boring and milling machine type HCWS-110 is destined for a wide range of operations such like drilling,  boring , facing, reaming, milling and threading.

It is furnished with a cross table with power and manual feeds and also with power and manual feeds and also with power and manual rotations.

In the face plate there is the facing carriage build in.All travels of the machine tool are provided with slidable  stops, which make it possible  to switch off the feed automatically at any optional point.

To ensure a convenient   servicing of   the machine it is carried out in the so called  right-hand lay out.

The levers for controlling revolutions  and  feeds are arranged in places convenient to reach for operative.

The machine tool is carried out in the following systems;

1.    Metric system.

2.    Metric system with the possibility to cut inch treads.

3.    Inch system.