Rebuilt 2014 Machine, Like New. 
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Hurth Machine is ideal for parallel shaving, 

cross shaving, and diagonal shaving of unhardened spur gears with straight or helical teeth

Machine Id: 960 Serial No:
Model: ZSA 220 Asking Price: onrequest
Make: Hurth Country: Germany
Year: Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai Warehosue, India
Category: Gear Shavers
Type of Machine: Gear Related Machine

Rebuilt 2014 Machine, Like New.
Hurth Machine is ideal for parallel shaving, 
cross shaving, and diagonal shaving of unhardened spur gears with straight or helical teeth


Centre height of tailstocks                                                              115   mm

Clamping length between centres                                                   750   mm


Gear Ø                                                                                  25 – 220   mm

Module                                                                                         1 - 6

Gear width, max.                                                                           150   mm

Shaving cutter head swivelling                                                    +/- 23°

8 speeds of cutter spindle                                                        36 - 220   rpm

Dimensions of shaving cutter Ø x width x bore       175 – 260 x 20 x 100   mm


Table swivelling                                                                              180   °


Table size, approx.                                                              200 x 1100   mm

Table movement, horizontal                                                            150   mm

Table movement, cross                                                                    20   mm

table movement, vertical                                                                175   mm

automatic Vertical infeed                                                       0,02 – 0,2   mm

8 Horizontal table feeds                                                          14 – 130   mm/min


Total electrical load, approx.                               5.5 kW  -  380 V  -  50   Hz

Weight, approx.                                                                          5,000   kg


Accessories / Special Features:

*        Built-on under table mechanical Crowning Device, also for Taper Shaving

*        Parallel Shaving Process / Diagonal Shaving Process / Underpass Shaving Process

*        Semi-automatic Work Process Start by Hydraulic Closing of  the Splash Guards

*        Hydraulic tailstock on the right. 

*        Workpiece setting gauge.

*        various change gears for speeds and table stroke.

*        Cooling oil filter unit with pump and built-on centrifuge Model Z 15.

*        Separate hydraulic unit.

*        For and extra charge:  selection of shaving cutters.



Machine is ideal for parallel shaving, cross shaving, and diagonal shaving of unhardened spur gears with straight or helical teeth.


Machine is having AC VFD for Spindle Speed and Table traverse speed.


You can change Spindle speed and Table feed by POT.


For a particular change gears of both drive, Operator can change speed and feed up to certain limit practically it can take load.


This is a feature added to shaver m/c and prepared as an advance shaver machine