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Excellent Machine
Full set of change gears

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Machine Id : 802
Model : 102.05
Make : Mikron
Year : 1980
Dimensions :
Power :
Location : Mumbai Warehouse,India
Category : Gear Hobbers
Serial No :
Country : Switzerland
Type of Machine : Universal Gear Hobber for smaller gears
Weight : 0.0
Asking Price : onrequest
Specification :
Work capacity:max. diameter120 mm 
max. module2.00  
Workpiece length max.130 mm 
Pitch min. 
Spiral lead:  
    up to5000 mm 
Spiral lead angle:  
    up to89 
Gear hob:  
    min. diameter130 mm 
Milling cutter speeds:  
    number (steps)14  
       from140 rpm 
       up to1870 rpm 
       axial from0.05 mm/r 
       up to3.0 mm/r 
Voltage 50 Hz 3x380 Volt 
Power1.50 HP 
Machine's weight about800 kg 
Overall dimensions machine:  
    Length1100 mm 
    Width900 mm 
    Height1550 mm 


Description :
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