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Machine Id: 513 Serial No:
Model: DAW 20 A SBC Asking Price: onrequest
Make: Frech Country: Germany
Year: Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai Warehouse,India
Category: Hot Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machine
Type of Machine: Hot Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machine

Machine was working in England
Machine is complete in all respects

Locking force: 24 TN.

Opening force: 2000 daN.

Closing Stroke: 150 mm.

Ejector force: 3 TN.

Platen size: 370 x 370 mm.

Injection plunger diameter: 36 mm.

 Die diameter and length: 8 x 180 mm.

Die point: 5,5 mm.

Automatic mould release.

 Injection of nonadherent liquid for mould release.

Cycle time: 9,27 seconds.

Injection Pressure: 60 Kg.

Pieces Production 353 x 2.

Pieces and casting weight: 65-77g.

Furnace with Natural gas blower.

Machine dimensions (LxWxH), 3600 x 1500 x 2400 mm.

Weight: 2500 Kg.

 Electric Cabinet Dimensions (LxWxH), 800 x 450 x 2120 mm.

Weight: 250 Kg.

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